Today is June 19, 2019 -

Chisuk Emuna Congregation

of Greater Harrisburg, PA

3219 Green Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110-5507
Phone: 717-232-4851 |


What is a feasibility study?

It is the identification and review of our existing and potential sites within the eruv to determine which site will best meet our needs, the costs involved in restoring the present site or acquiring and building on a new one, and related municipal requirements such as zoning, codes, and standards.

What does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster works for their client to assist with the insurance claim arising from the losses incurred by the fire. We hired Young Adjustment Company to protect our interests. Young Adjustment came highly recommended by several other synagogues that used them after they had a fire.

When will we no longer need to remain in our temporary quarters?

We don’t know yet. It will become more clear once we have finished the feasibility study. Other synagogues that have had similar experiences report that it took them up to two years, and sometimes longer, based on the extent of damage, their ability to acquire new property, fundraising, and what they wanted in their new synagogue. We certainly hope to have — and are working toward a goal of having – a refurbished or new home in place as soon as possible.

What is the status of our Torah scrolls?

There were five Torah scrolls in the small chapel. Three are still at Kesher Israel where they were taken immediately after the fire. Two are being used by us at the JCC. These Torahs were subject to moisture. The scribe we hired recommends they be treated to prevent the ink from separating from the parchment over time.

The five Torahs in the sanctuary were subject to heat and water damage. We are hoping that three may be fully restorable.

What is the status of the Torah covers?

None of the covers will be able to be used. Susan Leviton will design new covers to be crafted by members of our sisterhood.

What does the project coordinator do?

The project coordinator serves as the liaison between our ad hoc committees, the congregation, and the various vendors and contractors that we need to retain. She schedules and coordinates all meetings, monitors the progress of our contractors and provides feedback, promotes efficient decision making by the executive committee and board, maintains communication between and among committees, contractors and members of the congregation.

We are very fortunate to have Judy Hirsh as our project coordinator. An attorney, Judy has a Masters degree in public administration as well as experience with building projects.