Today is June 19, 2019 -

Chisuk Emuna Congregation

of Greater Harrisburg, PA

3219 Green Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110-5507
Phone: 717-232-4851 |

The cleanup begins

We have wasted no time in getting our spiritual home back in order. If you drive by 5th and Division Streets, you will notice that a massive cleanup project is underway. We have a team from Mellon Restoration, cleaning the air, stabilizing the building, building a temporary roof, pumping out water, and vacuuming soot. If you thought searching for the chumetz in your house was a challenge, just imagine the task that this crew from Mellon is involved in! The team from Mellon is not only highly skilled and qualified but they are sensitive to our needs as a place of worship. The emergency services cleanup team has taken great care to salvage, clean, and store all Judaica, memorial plaques, siddurim, etc, which can be saved.