Today is June 19, 2019 -

Chisuk Emuna Congregation

of Greater Harrisburg, PA

3219 Green Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110-5507
Phone: 717-232-4851 |


Members of the Chisuk Emuna family, of our community and friends and colleagues from around the country have asked how they can help. The response has been gratifying and immensely meaningful. While the clean up continues and we begin serious conversations about how to fund the restoration or rebuilding of our building (or relocation), there are a number of things people can do:

  1. Keep Chisuk Emuna in your prayers and thoughts and continue to offer support to one another

  2. Participate in Chisuk Emuna services and programs; being together is very healing.

  3. Provide financial support. (Checks should be sent to Chisuk Emuna Congregation, POB 5507, Harrisburg PA 17110; in the memo section, please write “fire”)

  4. Get involved – let Stan Schneider (, 657-0656) know if there is some particular way that you would like to help with our efforts to strengthen our congregation.
  5. If you are interested in helping please contact Natalie Damrauer at or call her at 540-7725. Natalie is compiling a list volunteers.