Upcoming Events


Sunday, May 16

Erev Shavuot

6:30-7:45pm | Tikkun Leil Shavuot 

7:55pm | Shavuot Mincha Services join us on Zoom for Mincha, followed by a special musical presentation with Susan Leviton at 8:10pm and then Maariv at 9:00pm.

Follow along with Susan's program of songs by downloading and printing the translations here.

Monday, May 17

Shavuot Day I

9:30am Festival Morning Service

Tuesday, May 18

Shavuot Day II

9:30am Festival Morning Service


In-person and on zoom. This service includes the Book of Ruth, Yizkor/ Memorial Prayers and the recitation of the mourner’s kaddish. Reservations are required to attend in person. Contact Susan Sussman at 717-232-4851 or info@chisukemuna.org by noon on Friday, the 14th.

Weekday Gatherings of Prayer and Learning

Sunday - Thursday evenings

7:15pm via Zoom

Please join us as we continue the study of "The Path of the Upright", a classic ethical work by 18th century Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, which begins, "I have composed this work not to teach people what they do not know but to remind them of what they already know and which is very familiar to them." Note: Each evening class is self-contained. Join us; your voice makes a difference! 

Gesher Adult Education

Open to all adult learners.


Mishna Ta'anit:

Facing a World in Crisis



11:00am - 12:15pm

May 5 - June 9

The Coronavirus pandemic is, for many of us, the largest global crisis of our lifetimes. We may feel alone in our experience, but there were other crises before this, in other generations and other eras, where people felt that the world was on a tipping point between life and death, existence and destruction.


In Mishna Ta’anit the rabbis discuss the proper protocols for the community in a time of drought, when a lack of rainfall presented a crisis of potential famine. Join Rabbis Muroff and Capptauber to study this book of the Mishna and glean the wisdom it has for our own time of crisis.

RSVP to Patty Brown at patty@bethelhbg.org to receive source sheets.

This Week, May 10-16

Chisuk Emuna continues to meet virtually through the online video conferencing site, Zoom. Please see below or explore this homepage to join one of our many gatherings. Please contact the shul office for dial-in information.

Shabbat Virtual Gatherings

Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday Evenings


Start time varies throughout the year,

see This Week section for exact times.

Shabbat Morning Service

Saturdays at 9:30am


Saturday Evenings 


Start time varies throughout the year,

see This Week section for exact times.

Thanks to all for making our Mishloach Manot project a huge success!

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We warmly invite you to any one of our numerous online events or services!

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Email Rabbi Muroff at rabbi@chisukemuna.org or call 717-232-4851.